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Ready to design your own rocket?

Design and launch your own custom model rocket! Use our custom rocket designer to design your own rocket in under 2 minutes. Why settle for a pre-built rocket when you can design your own. Our 3D design and print lab allows you to design a rocket and we will ship it directly to you! 

Our rocket kits are...

Made in





Spark Passion

Enjoy the experience of going to a local park and feel the excitement of blasting off. It doesn't matter what age you are, this STEAM-based activity delivers the ultimate satisfaction of success every time! Share the passion of creating tomorrow's explorers. 


Ignite Curiosity

3...2...1... the historical moment before your model rocket screams off the launchpad is a fun and exciting moment. Questions start to rush to the mind of the rocketeer, "How high will this fly?", "How fast is the rocket going?", "Where will this go?"... these questions are vital in the minds of future engineers, questions become problems, and those problems are just waiting for solutions. This curiosity helps develop and build skills that Rockets for Kids wants to help grow. The first fun question to answer is "What rocket do I want?"


It's time to push the launch button, see the flames shoot out the end of the rocket engine, and watch the rocket fly. But with a rocket launch the rocket isn't the only thing flying, the co-pilot of the rocket is the imagination of what's possible. Ready to launch? I know we are!

Inspiring future aerospace careers

We will be hosting our 1st Texas Rocket Launching Event in Floresville, Texas summer 2022. A private 14 acres of perfect launching area with BBQ, dedicated launching times, music, and livestock to get enjoy the outdoors. 


Our dedicated team is here to help. follow our journey through our Youtube page...

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